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At Anna Rodé Designs, we take great pride in curating captivating interiors that reflect your unique style and vision. Our commitment to exceptional design and unparalleled customer service ensures that your space becomes a masterpiece of beauty, comfort, and functionality.

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Anna Rodé Designs offers comprehensive interior design and color consulting services tailored to your unique needs and style preferences.

With a deep understanding of the distinctiveness of each space, we go above and beyond to curate customized solutions that elevate the aesthetics of your interiors. Our seasoned team conducts a thorough assessment of your requirements, attentively listens to your vision, and works collaboratively with you throughout the entire process to ensure that our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Our experienced team at Anna Rodé Designs is ready to provide you with tailored design solutions. Reach out to us for a consultation, and let’s discuss your interior design and color consulting needs in detail. We look forward to transforming your space into a masterpiece of style and functionality.

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Crafting Inspired Interiors Tailored to Your Vision

Four Decades of Expertise and Dedication in Interior Design and Color Consulting

Welcome to Anna Rodé Designs, your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life through exceptional interior design and color consulting services. With over forty years of experience, we stand as San Diego’s premier interior design experts, proudly extending our services to homeowners and small businesses throughout southern California and beyond. Under the leadership of Certified Interior Designer and esteemed color expert, Coleen Ann Choisser, our dedicated team is committed to crafting spaces that resonate with your unique preferences and lifestyle.

At Anna Rodé Designs, we embody the philosophy of delivering casual elegance for everyday living. Regardless of whether your taste leans towards ultra-modern, traditional, or any style in between, our distinctive approach allows us to curate sanctuary spaces that authentically reflect your personality and values. Your satisfaction is our paramount goal, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to transform your space into a haven of enduring beauty and comfort. Explore the possibilities with Anna Rodé Designs, where creativity meets personalized excellence.

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Explore our portfolio of captivating interior designs, where artistry meets functionality, and discover the essence of Anna Rodé Designs.

Embark on a visual journey through our showcase of interior design projects, a testament to our commitment to turning dreams into vibrant realities. Choose a project below to explore the artistry, creativity, and transformative touch that define Anna Rodé Designs.

Rancho Santa Fe Great Room

The Meridian High-Rise Condo

Rancho Santa Fe Primary Suite

San Diego Kitchen Remodel

Pacific Beach Vacation Home

La Jolla Beach Home Remodel

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A few months ago I moved and Coleen & John Choisser at Anna Rodé Designs came and put in new window treatments. I thought they were nice, but Coleen knew the difference they would make and people have been amazed at the difference in how the condo feels. Then today Coleen came and looked at another project I am working on. This time she designed window treatments and color choices. I know Coleen is a color specialist, but I had no idea what that means. She wowed me!! Her ideas are incredible! Even if you have already picked out your colors or even if you are good at color, spring for the color consult. She is an expert. You won’t be sorry. #ColeenChoisserIsAColorGenius”

– Another Happy Client, San Diego, CA

“We have had the pleasure of working with Anna Rode Design for several months and have been completely delighted with our experience. Coleen selected beautiful paint colors for our entire home. We love the wall, trim, cabinet and door colors and also the new wood floor Coleen selected for us. Our work was completed within the timeline we desired. We have tremendous confidence in Coleen. We have admired the quality of the products and workers Coleen selected for us and have appreciated her talent, skill, professionalism, responsiveness and flexibility. We have enjoyed Coleen’s warm, confident, engaging personality which has made decision making a pleasure. We look forward to working with Coleen on future design projects and know we will be as happy with the outcome as we have been with the work competed to date.”

Marion Y., San Diego, CA

“Anna Rodé Designs does all my work. Coleen has good customer service, is always there when I call, and calls back right away. She isn’t looking to rip you off, and she will work with your budget. She doesn’t ever make you feel intimidated by not spending the big bucks. She works with all styles. She will frame a picture or do your entire house, and she never hesitates to make you feel special. She is easy to get along with and just good at what she does. She points things out that I never would have noticed, and she has stopped me from making many mistakes. I send everyone I can to her, and she has done both my house and office.

– Sherry A., La Jolla, CA

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