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Transform Your Space with Color:
Expert Guidance for Your Home’s Vibrant Palette

Unlock the Power of Color
Experience the transformative impact of color with Coleen’s expert color consulting services. Whether you’re considering interior, exterior, or a combination of both, Coleen offers professional advice to help you navigate the complexities of choosing the perfect hues for your home. Even if you’re not an interior design client, you can benefit from Coleen’s keen eye and extensive knowledge to avoid costly and aesthetically displeasing mistakes.

The Nuances of Color
Choosing paint colors involves more than meets the eye. Coleen guides you through critical decisions, such as the type of paint to use (latex or oil), the ideal finish (flat, eggshell, low sheen/satin, semi-gloss, or gloss), and ensuring the undertones align harmoniously with your vision. She addresses concerns like potential color shifts, ensuring your off-white doesn’t lean too pink or green, and that your beige doesn’t veer too yellow. With Coleen’s expertise, even the often-overlooked details like ceiling color, window trim, baseboards, and crown molding receive thoughtful consideration.

Affordable Insurance for Your Home
For a reasonable investment of $300, Coleen provides an insurance plan for your home’s color palette. During a comprehensive consultation in your home, she examines existing furnishings and colors, listens to your ideas, and presents examples of her recommendations. This collaborative process empowers you to select paints and colors that not only achieve the professional look you desire but also prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes. Coleen’s color consulting service is a valuable resource, ensuring your home radiates with a harmonious and visually stunning color palette.

Services we offer…


Customized Color Palettes


Expert Paint Selection


Furniture Color Coordination


Accent Color Selection


Wallpaper and Fabric Choices


Accessories Color Guidance


Lighting Fixture Color Guidance


Color Psychology Insights


Color Flow Strategies


Examples of our color consulting results:

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Exterior Home Color Consulting Update

Beach Garfield Shopping Center Color Consulting

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Why choose us for color consulting services?

Choosing Anna Rodé Designs for your color consulting needs ensures a harmonious and visually appealing transformation for your home or space. With decades of experience, our Certified Interior Designer, Coleen Ann Choisser, possesses an innate understanding of color psychology and design aesthetics. We go beyond mere color selection; we curate an experience tailored to your preferences, seamlessly blending functionality and style. Our meticulous attention to detail, commitment to client satisfaction, and dedication to staying at the forefront of design trends make us the ideal choice for those seeking to infuse their spaces with captivating and timeless color palettes. Elevate your surroundings with Anna Rodé Designs, where every color choice becomes a masterpiece.