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Unveiling Your Home’s Unique Essence:
A Tailored Design Journey

Tailored to your unique preferences, project nature, and budget considerations, our interior designer, Coleen, is committed to maximizing the value you and your home receive from her services. Typically, the process begins with a courtesy telephone consultation, allowing Coleen to grasp the essence of your project. This initial interaction serves as a platform for you to acquaint yourself with Coleen and discuss project details, budgetary constraints, and collaboration possibilities.

Subsequently, Coleen conducts a comprehensive in-person meeting to delve into your desires, assess existing elements, explore design inspirations, and discuss the overarching goals of your project. While Coleen has her own artistic inclinations, she prioritizes your preferences, guiding you through the decision-making process to ensure the final outcome not only meets but exceeds your expectations, reflecting your unique personality.

For some clients, a single meeting to review design decisions may suffice, concluding the project. However, for those seeking continued involvement, Coleen remains dedicated throughout the project’s completion, whether it spans days, weeks, or months.

Services we offer…


Conceptual Design & Planning


Design Consultations


Space Planning & Layout


Project Cost Estimation


Project Management


Material & Finish Selection


Kitchen Design & Remodel


Bedroom Design & Remodel


Bathroom Design & Remodel


Color Scheme Development


Furniture & Arrangements


Custom Window Treatments


Fabric & Textile Choices


Lighting Design


Art & Décor Curation

Our Process

Personalized Collaboration for Timeless Interiors:
Bringing Your Vision to Life


Embarking on a transformative journey begins with an initial consultation—a chance for Coleen and you to establish rapport and delve into the essence of your project. In this phase, Coleen not only discovers your design preferences but also reviews any visual cues you’ve collected, such as photos, clippings, or swatches. This is a pivotal moment to understand the current state of your home, unless it’s a new construction project. Budget discussions during this stage ensure a shared vision for the expected results within the estimated expense.


Transitioning into the design phase, Coleen’s expertise takes center stage. She crafts intricate drawings, compiles samples and visuals, and may even accompany you to design centers. Meticulously taking measurements and refining specifications, Coleen engages in a collaborative process. This phase includes consultations on fabrics, furnishings, paint colors, finishes, floor coverings, window treatments, stone and tile selections, cabinetry, and all other facets of your project.


As the design crystallizes, Coleen meticulously summarizes material, labor, and additional costs into a comprehensive proposal. This not only provides a clear financial breakdown but also offers a detailed schedule for each project phase. This transparency ensures you can plan and anticipate each step of the process.


Entering the construction phase, Coleen assumes the role of project overseer. From demolition to the final touches, she and her skilled craftsmen diligently work to ensure efficiency, adherence to timelines, and staying within the defined budget. Throughout this phase, Coleen acts as your advocate, guaranteeing that every aspect aligns with the highest standards of quality.


Examples of our interior design results:

Rancho Santa Fe Great Room Conversion

The Meridian High-Rise Condo Remodel

Rancho Santa Fe Primary Suite Remodel

San Diego Kitchen Remodel

Pacific Beach Vacation Home Remodel

Rancho Santa Fe Kitchen

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Why choose us for interior design services?

Choosing Anna Rodè Designs for your interior design needs means selecting a partner dedicated to transforming your living spaces into personalized havens of elegance and comfort. With a legacy spanning over four decades, our family-owned and operated business approaches each project with unwavering integrity and a commitment to design excellence. Led by the esteemed Certified Interior Designer, Coleen Ann Choisser, our team brings a wealth of creative expertise, ensuring a design process tailored to your unique preferences, project requirements, and budget considerations. We pride ourselves on fostering open communication, guiding you through every decision with a focus on maximizing the value you and your home receive from our services. From initial consultations to the final touches of construction, Anna Rodè Designs is your trusted partner for creating spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations, reflecting your distinct personality and style.