Staging Sells Homes Faster and for More Money

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Every time Coleen Choisser at Anna Rode Designs helps a home seller or realtor get a home ready for sale, it sells faster and for more money. She has consulted with both home owners and real estate agents to help them invest wisely when it comes to fixing up a home for sale.

Without good advice, it is easy to spend money on the wrong things. Spend too little and money is wasted, and spend too much on the wrong things and the seller can lose money. Even obvious things like painting must use the best colors and finishes to get the most bang for the buck.

One thing often overlooked is curb appeal. A potential buyer won’t know your patio has a spectacular view if they don’t even stop the car. Often buyers are given a list of homes by their agents, and the first thing they do is try to narrow it down. They have to have a good impression from the street to bother parking and visiting the house.

Get the boat out of the driveway and the toys out of the yard. Mow and trim, and prune shrubs that hide the front of the house. Make sure the house number is visible on the house and on the curb. If you need to fix up the front door, paint or refinish it.

Inside, get rid of clutter. A prospect needs to be able to visualize themselves living there, and photos of you and your family don’t help. Sand and repaint worn areas, and make sure the carpet and floors are clean. Also, things that appeal to very few people need to be packed away. Get rid of the stuffed bear in the family room.

Where does the stuff go? Into storage. Do not fill the garage with boxes. In fact, make the garage empty and cleaner than it has ever been. Yes, pack and store. You’re moving aren’t you?

I know, you have pink tile in the bathroom and not only are you tired of it, but you know a potential buyer won’t like it. If your budget is limited and the value of the house is rather average, you will probably be ahead leaving it. The buyer will plan on changing it, and you might as well not make the decision on new tile for them. But if it is an expensive home, get it replaced. An experienced designer like Coleen can help you choose materials that are easy on the pocket book but that will have universal appeal.

Done right, a qualified designer can make you money when it comes time to buy or sell.

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