What they’re saying


“A few months ago I moved and Coleen & John Choisser at Anna Rodé Designs came and put in new window treatments. I thought they were nice, but Coleen knew the difference they would make and people have been amazed at the difference in how the condo feels. Then today Coleen came and looked at another project I am working on. This time she designed window treatments and color choices. I know Coleen is a color specialist, but I had no idea what that meant. She wowed me!! Her ideas are incredible! Even if you have already picked out your colors or even if you are good at color, spring for the color consult. She is an expert. You won’t be sorry. #ColeenChoisserIsAColorGenius” 
– Another Happy Client, San Diego, CA

“Hi Coleen. Hope you had a great summer. We are finally getting our fireplace done and we are going to the wall and all the way up to the ceiling staggered tile. That’s the best option to make this look right. Just wanted to let you know since it was your expertise and you have played such a big role in making my home beautiful. I will send pictures and also not sure what kind of mantel. Floating or some kind of feet. Also I want to set up a time to meet with you in January. Would like your help with fabric for dining room chairs, side panels drapery in movie room. You always have awesome ideas. Want to repaint my Billard room. I like a fresh start in the new year. Something to look forward to after the holidays. Thanks for everything you have done.“
– Another Happy Client, San Diego, CA

We have had the pleasure of working with Anna Rode Design for several months and have been completely delighted with our experience. Coleen selected beautiful paint colors for our entire home . We love the wall, trim, cabinet and door colors and also the new wood floor Coleen selected for us. Our work was completed within the timeline we desired. We have tremendous confidence in Coleen. We have admired the quality of the products and workers Coleen selected for us and have appreciated her talent, skill, professionalism, responsiveness and flexibility. We have enjoyed Coleen ‘s warm, confident , engaging personality which has made decision making a pleasure. We look forward to working with Coleen on future design projects and know we will be as happy with the outcome as we have been with the work competed to date.”
– Marion Y., San Diego, California

“Hello Coleen! I’ve had the pleasure of working with you about 3 years ago when we bought our first home. You made our house beautiful! Your expertise in color and texture is marvelous! We just purchased a new house and would like to work with you again, at your earliest convenience. Please let me know. And by the way, the house got sold even before it went officially on the market. The buyers fell in love with the house.”
– MJ R., San Diego, California

“I hired Coleen to sort out the paint colors in my home and got so much more! She was able to quickly give me valuable pointers for lighting, window coverings, stairways and floors that will update my home. Her color scheme for the entire interior of my house is coming together beautifully, and I am realizing valuable savings in time and paint cost. She was very professional and delivered exactly what she promised!”
– Vincent V., San Diego, California

“Coleen at Anna Rode Designs helped me pick the perfect window treatments for our new place. I wanted to keep as much natural light coming in while adding privacy AND reducing the heat that was coming in during the warmest part of the day. I thought all of those competing goals were too tall an order, but not for Anna Rode Designs. The results are beautiful and functional. Thank you!”
– Amber D., San Diego, California

“This was my second time hiring a designer to work on a brand new home. In every detail I am very satisfied with Coleen. Her choice of materials, style, and color are nuanced and always spot on. Some of her ideas might seem bold—only because she could see possibilities that we “laypersons” didn’t see (e.g., the back of our bookcases as well as the ceiling of our powder room are painted red; every guest came to our house so far was all positively impressed). Coleen is resourceful and always found the right companies and people to finish different tasks, and she worked just fine with the carpenter who also built cabinets for our last home. Coleen is very easy and pleasant to work with. She told me that her goal is to make people happy; it took me a while to realize that she is honest and serious about this goal. My wife and I are very happy with this home that Coleen has transformed.”
– Tony T., San Diego, California

“We have been clients of Coleen’s for 18 years and have been so happy working with her. Coleen makes the process easy, whether you are picking paint colors, furniture, or flooring. She knows our style and gives us options that we might not have picked on our own, but are perfect for us. The contractors and vendors she works with are top-notch. Coleen has helped us turn our house into a beautiful home. We love it!”
– Joanne S., San Diego, California

“Coleen was a pleasure to work with. She is so professional and so very knowledgeable. She worked with me to find my “style” and “preferences” and then came up with fantastic options.”
– Brett T., San Diego, California

“Coleen was incredible to work with on my home interior design project. She gave me some valuable ideas that I would have never thought of on my own and was courteous and professional. Coleen listened to my needs and was able to guide me within my budget. She has impeccable taste and design experience that made such a beautiful difference in my home. I would highly recommend the work of Coleen with Anna Rode Designs, Inc.”
– Valerie R., San Diego, California

“Coleen is fantastic – our house project took over one year and she was with us all the way. The house is beyond beautiful. Coleen is an expert in what she does – doing everything with great passion and style with eye for detail and beauty. From a personal level, she is beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I truly am grateful to have known her and her husband. I recommend her to anyone doing a home remodel who wants the end product to be beautiful and personalized to your style. Thank you Coleen so very much!”
– May B., San Diego, California

We cannot thank you enough for your time, caring, and incredible suggestions! We are so lucky to have your help and could not have made these lovely changes to our home without you. As a designer you are incredibly talented and as a friend you are equally wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate you so much and will think of you every day in our home you made wonderful for us!!”
– Jennifer and Anthony, San Diego, California

“Anna Rodé Designs does all my work. Coleen has good customer service, is always there when I call, and calls back right away. She isn’t looking to rip you off, and she will work with your budget. She doesn’t ever make you feel intimidated by not spending the big bucks. She works with all styles. She will frame a picture or do your entire house, and she never hesitates to make you feel special. She is easy to get along with and just good at what she does. She points things out that I never would have noticed, and she has stopped me from making many mistakes. I send everyone I can to her, and she has done both my house and office.”
– Sherry A., La Jolla, California

“Wow!  We cannot believe what a transformation Coleen performed on our La Jolla property.  She turned an ’80’s era “fixer-upper” into an amazingly modern, casual, and sophisticated beach house.  Reviewing the “before and after” photos on her web site and videos is testimony to Coleen’s imagination, creativeness, technical skill, and detail management. AAA+!”
– Robin and Tony, El Paso, Texas

“I talked to three interior designers before I chose Coleen. She was the only one who asked me the right questions, and really listened to my answers. She has since done two houses for us! I call her for every project, no matter how small or large.”
– Sandra, Rancho Santa Fe, California

“Coleen finished our spectacular downtown San Diego high-rise condominium on time and on budget. And what a showplace. We are delighted! She did such a beautiful job that we immediately hired her to do our home in El Paso.”
 – B.G. and J.G., El Paso, Texas

“My contractor could hardly believe the great prices you found for the beautiful tile and granite for my bathroom remodel. Great design and I saved a bundle!”
– Patti H., Rancho Bernardo, California

“Dear Coleen – Another day of gratitude for the many aesthetic contributions you created in my home. You are truly a gifted person and designer. Please accept this most overdue message of appreciation for all that you have positively contributed to my life! Thank you!
– Karen, San Diego, California

“Thanks Coleen…the colors are yummy, very bold and I love them. They have finished the office, put a little on the kitchen and family room walls and are just starting on the kitchen nook. Very exciting!”
– C.M., San Diego, California

“I have been walking on cloud 9 because I am so happy to have a color plan for my home.  It has been 5 years of wondering and making mistakes.  I just wish I had found you years ago!”
– B.B., San Diego, California

“I was beside myself trying to choose colors! I was going nuts, my painter was starting to hate me, and the guys down at Frazee’s were dreading me coming back again. Finally, they told me to call you, and all my problems were solved. Thank you so much!!!”
– E.S. Fairbanks Ranch, California

I wanted to thank you for your color consulting and your professionalism and honesty. I started painting the kitchen and I simply love the colors. I am planning on completing the work for all rooms by the end of Aug. and I will call you and make an appointment for decor ideas. Hope you are doing well.”
– I.L., Lakeside, California

“It’s been such a joy getting to know you. Thanks so much for all the help on the home. The years of joy it will bring us will always make us think of you. We’re looking forward to more fun projects.”
– J. & S. W., Del Mar, California

“Coleen re-modeled our little guest house and made it look like it was imported from San Miguel de Allende in Old Mexico (see above). This was exactly what we asked for, and we’re delighted with the results. We recommend Coleen to all our friends!”
– S.A., La Jolla, California

“Thanks…Coleen…the colors are yummy, very bold and I love them. They have finished the office, put a little on the kitchen and family room walls and are just starting on the kitchen nook. Very exciting!”
– C.M., San Diego, California

“Coleen, thank you so much for making our home come alive and beautiful. You guys did such a wonderful job!! Good teamwork. We get so many compliments on everything you did. Thanks again.”
– The H. Family, Alpine, California

“We are both scientists at Scripps Research Institute, and we entertain our colleagues from all over the world. We are so proud to show off our new home now that Coleen has transformed it into a Modern Mexico miracle.”
– S.H., Point Loma, California

“She has just finished our home for the third time! It’s really fun to keep our house looking up to date. And it also keeps the property value going up. We wouldn’t even consider using anyone else.”
– S.C., La Mesa, California 

“We are so pleased with the job Coleen did for our La Jolla residence, we didn’t even hesitate to commission her for our new home in Palm Desert.”
– A.J., La Jolla, California

“She had her craftsmen in Mexico build an armoire from a photograph we liked for a small fraction of the cost. And the workmanship and hand carving is absolutely the finest!”
– B.C., Rancho Santa Fe, California

“The lobby and hallways of our condominium building never looked so good. The wallpaper and carpet Coleen chose has not only made our surroundings more beautiful but has also increased the value of each of our homes.”
– Z.R., San Mateo, California

“Our goofy little beach cottage looked pretty hopeless when we bought it. But thanks to Coleen, it seems much bigger, has improved views, and is definitely more efficient. Now our neighbors are having her do their places!”
– S.B., Laguna Beach, California

“We have been on a master plan with Coleen for several years now, and we are finally about to do the last room, our master bedroom. The place looks fantastic. We are so glad she doesn’t mind coming over here — of course it helps that she has quite a few clients over here already.”
– B.G., Indian Wells, California

“Coleen has done our houses in Lomas Santa Fe and two homes in Palm Desert. We have such a good time together dreaming and planning. And sooner or later, it all comes true! We have just bought a rental condo, and Coleen is transforming it before the season starts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– D.Y., Palm Desert, California

“Years ago, Coleen did two of our homes. Then she got married, and I couldn’t remember her new name. What a delight to run into her by accident just in time to re-do our home before our daughter’s wedding. She helped us through the entire remodel and made it seem so easy!”
– K.B., Fairbanks Ranch, California