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5 Reasons Why You Should Wallpaper Your Bathroom

5 Reasons Why You Should Wallpaper Your Bathroom

Stylish wallpaper can bring high-end design and personality into what otherwise can be an impersonal, utilitarian space. (Getty Images)

If you’ve never considered wallpaper when updating your bathroom, now is the time to give it a chance. The patterns are vast and vivid, and new technologies make hanging wallpaper faster. Need more convincing? Check out five reasons why wallpaper is a great idea for your next mini bathroom renovation:

1. The bathroom is the perfect place for unexpected décor

If you’ve been playing it safe with the rest of the house and painted every wall white or gray, here’s your chance to think outside the neutral box. “A small space like a bathroom becomes a showcase for bold style when using large-scale prints,” says Carol Miller, content marketing manager for York Wallcoverings. For the look to work, strive for balance. “People typically keep the rest of the room clean and simple,” says PJ Delaye, president of RoomMates Décor, a division of York Wallcoverings, “so it’s easy to get really creative and implement a fun and vibrant design.”

2. The room will have a focal point

“A bold wallpaper makes the bathroom itself a showpiece,” says Miller, “and brings design and personality into what otherwise can be an impersonal, utilitarian space.” When there’s an already established color palette, it’s easy to coordinate accessories, such as a shower curtain and towels, by choosing one or two colors from the wallpaper.

3. A wallpaper design will give the bathroom a vibe that’s different from the rest of the house

There are thousands of wallpaper styles and colors to choose from to make the room stand out.

You can create a sanctuary with a nature design featuring verdant gardens and blue skies, make a fun, visual declaration of your love for horses, or go abstract with a striking graphic design.

4. Wallpaper is beginner-friendly

If you’re a newcomer to hanging wallpaper, you may want to start small and paper just one wall. Or consider using peel and stick wallpaper, which has the adhesive right on the paper. “It’s an easy, fast and affordable way to update the space,” says Delaye, whose company makes a peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s also removable, so if you need to fix a panel, you can easily do it. Look for peel-and-stick products that work in a damp environment like a bathroom.

5. The trends are creative

The bohemian luxury trend is hot for bathrooms and blends free-spirited, nature-inspired patterns with an urban shimmer. If you’re looking for fun, choose a playful print that puts whimsy at the forefront with clean, bold colors and lines. Wallpaper that features garden hues and other earth tones and is made with sustainable grasses, leaves, and recycled-glass beads tells the world you’re committed to the health of the planet.

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