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Great Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall or Winter

Great Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall or Winter

When it comes to the timing to sell your home, your first thought might be to sell your home in the spring. However, according to financial guru Dave Ramsey, fall and winter are wonderful times to put your house on the market with some perks that warmer seasons lack.

In today’s technology-driven lifestyles, the internet is the first place home buyers will go to search for a new residence. This allows homes to constantly be in the market because people are always searching. Here are some tips for selling your home during the colder seasons. 

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Be Mindful of House Lighting

During the fall, some areas of the U.S. “fall back” an hour and the sun goes down rather early during the last few months of the year. As potential buyers can visit your house after they are finished with work, it is important to remember how vital lighting is both inside and outdoors. When someone comes to visit and tour your home, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights. The brightness of the house makes it look warm and inviting and will shine against the snow. When it comes to decorative lights outside, keep it tasteful yet celebratory as holiday lights make for a festive atmosphere without seeming like overkill. 

In indoor areas such as the kitchen, let your lighting serve both purposes of making the space seem welcoming and yet allow you to perform any necessary tasks like holiday cooking and baking. 

Bring Color to the Front Yard and House

Don’t shy away from embracing color this season. Since curb appeal factors into raising your home’s appraisal value, don’t hesitate to invest more time and money into making yours stand out. Beyond lovely flowers, try painting — or re-painting — some spaces for an eye-catching appeal. For example, dress up your front door or its trim in colors such as red, yellow or blue. Also, pair some vibrant pots with your new fall and winter florals for pops of pigment. And don’t forget your mailbox, which is one of the first items visitors see when they drive up to your home and perhaps the last item when they drive away.

As you make sure your home and its yard and landscape are perfect for your future home tour guests, don’t forget some smaller details. It’s good to deep clean your home, including clearing the spaces around the plumbing beneath sinks, dusting the fans, and cleaning the showerheads and washing machine. If you have a home office, keep it neat and organized by tying up cables, clearing your desk, and decluttering. Keep a mop or vacuum around as guests can bring in dirt, mud and fallen leaves. Another detail is your home’s perfume. While it’s not bad to have a scented candle going, make sure you don’t have too many crashing scents as that could call for less comfort and more headaches. 

Selling your home during the winter months might take some extra work, but it can be done. Just remember to pay attention to the smaller details and make the space as inviting as possible. Before long, you’ll find a buyer who appreciates the property as much as you do.