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Home Improvements and DIY Projects to Tackle in 2021

Home Improvements and DIY Projects to Tackle in 2021

Usually, remodeling your home to improve its look and feel doesn’t just mean DIY — you should work with an expert to handle significant enhancements. That’s why you need to know which project you can handle by yourself and which ones you need to find a professional for. However, with the help of the internet and the right contractors, you can achieve magazine-worthy home improvements. Here are a few DIY and professional projects you can start with to enhance your home.

Give the Bathroom a Makeover

If you’ve long wanted to update your bathroom and perhaps wished for the elegance of natural stone in your home, consider revamping the room with a new granite bathroom vanity top. Complete the makeover with a new faucet and a mirror, and you have a refreshed bathroom on a budget. You will likely need to tear out old fixtures, so hire a professional to repair walls as needed and handle the plumbing. 

If the old vanity is in good shape, repainting it may be enough to revamp it. Replacing old pulls with new ones will also dress it up amazingly, giving it a fresh look. Don’t expect this project to take a couple of days, though — it will depend on how quickly you manage to put together the pieces around the room, as well as your plumber’s or contractor’s availability. However, when done, your bathroom will look amazing.

Wallpaper a Wall

With today’s wallpaper, you get an expanded range of choices. In addition, you won’t have to cover each wall of the house to make a dramatic change: Papering only one wall can make for a great design statement. This is an excellent solution for a room with plain walls, window trim, and no built-ins — you’ll create instant character.

Take a photo of a room and measure its dimensions. Some wallpaper can be challenging to hang, especially fabrics, so make sure to check the instructions. You can do this job by yourself as a weekend DIY project, but ensure you know what you are doing before taking on the task. Be sure to fill holes and smoothen your wall beforehand so rough spots won’t show through the paper.

Alternatively, you can work with Anna Rodé Designs to create a space to love. A color consultation will ensure that you choose the right hues and textures for your purposes (i.e., increase productivity, relaxation, etc.) and even improve a space that may be not quite what you envisioned.

Enhance Your Backyard

As the pandemic runs its course and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to create a backyard oasis. For instance, you can install your dream paver patio, add a table and a few chairs, and plant flowers in the area to make your outdoor space more inviting for the family.

A beautiful fence also gives a home curb appeal and character, as well as added privacy and security. Know that putting up a fence will require additional considerations, such as whether or not your local council or HOA will allow it or if there are underground utility lines in the area. You also need to look for local fence contractors to handle the job for you. A fence installation should cost $4,500, more or less, taking into account size, materials, and placement. Contact multiple companies to see if they can take on the project, how much they charge, and if they are licensed. Read online reviews and/or ask for client referrals, as well, to find the best fit. 

Handling some of the more superficial enhancements yourself is an excellent way to get your home looking refreshed enough to make your days more energetic. However, if you’re an amateur or do not know how to tackle specific projects like installing a fence or handling the plumbing, hire a professional. This way, you’ll get the results you want without making mistakes. Similarly, work with a professional interior designer who knows great design to breathe life into your home. Get in touch with Anna Rodé Designs today: 858-451-2662