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Interior Design Tips: Experts Critique Redfin Listings

Interior Design Tips: Experts Critique Redfin Listings

Check out this article by RedFin, Design Tips: Experts Critique Redfin Listings, that features our critique and design advice.

“Sometimes the safest way to learn a new skill is to watch an expert do it first. That’s why we’ve gathered interior design experts from Philadelphia to Sacramento to offer their suggestions and critiques of current Redfin listings. Whether you’re a recent homeowner creating a vision for your new interior or a long-time resident looking to freshen things up, read on for design inspiration from the best in the biz!”

 Excerpt from the original article:

1. For minimum cost and immediate improvement, I would paint the walls a soft gray, with an accent wall in a color like the blue shown in the sketch. The sofa needs to go to the Salvation Army, and replaced with a newer look and with the best quality the budget allows. The oak trim should be painted white, along with taller baseboards to make the colored walls pop.

2. The next step should be to update the window treatment, depending on whether there is a view, a need for privacy, for protection from the sun, or to allow more sun. I like the clean look of side hangs, which could be closable draperies if necessary for privacy or darkening the room. Or we could install shades for the windows and keep the side hangs.

3. I would replace the TV with a new larger wall-mounted flat screen, with wiring hidden in the wall, with a console below. I show a console that includes a very realistic electric fireplace, which not only provides a cozy atmosphere but also can provide warmth.

4. Depending on the use of the room, the sofa could be a sleeper. There is plenty of room for a coffee table, which could actually be a storage ottoman with a tray on top for serving.

5. If the budget requires keeping the existing wall unit, it should be painted white to get rid of the dated oak look. Also, new hardware should be added.

6. An updated larger area rug is also a good and inexpensive improvement. – Anna Rodé Designs

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