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Custom Rug Design for Master Suite

About Custom Rug Design for Master Suite

Here’s a great example of how we can create a custom area rug. The story about the rug begins with the fabric. It was expensive, but Coleen and the client liked it. They only made one pillow out of it, but used the design for the rug. One photo shows the fabric with the colors and patterns Coleen and the client chose. She initially laid out the idea in pencil, and then we created the pattern digitally on the computer. After Coleen made a couple of adjustments to the pattern, we were ready to create the final design to give to the rug manufacturer. Coleen even specified the colors to be used from yarn poms. Then, the pattern was given to the rug manufacturer, and the results can be judged by how much their puppy loves the rug!

We can have the rugs made in either wool or nylon. We often do custom rugs, but this one was more intricate and colorful than most.

If you’re looking to design a custom rug for your home or office, give us a call! We can help to create your vision into reality. Call us at (858) 414-1009 to start designing your custom rug now!