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Simple Ways to Inject New Life Into Your Home

Simple Ways to Inject New Life Into Your Home

Sometimes all your home needs are little changes here and there to refresh the look. A complete home remodel averages about $45,000 with some projects costing $76,000 or more. If your budget is smaller, try these projects.

Replace Hardware

Updating kitchen and bathroom hardware freshen up the look without an expensive remodel. Faucets and cabinet handles are simple to replace. Installing a new faucet ranges from $162 to $354, according to HomeAdvisor.


Color affects mood, with green and blue often creating a calming feel. Light colors can make the room feel bigger. Having a room professionally painted costs between $200 and $800, or you can DIY it for $100 to $300. You can also paint trim and cabinetry if you don’t like the current color or wood finishes. 

Update Flooring

Redoing your flooring is another option. Refinishing existing hardwood floors removes scratches and gives the flooring a renewed look. Expect to spend $1.50 to $5 per square foot for refinishing.

Laminate flooring has come a long way with many looks available, and they’re easy to install yourself. Consider your home’s style and how much maintenance flooring materials require to help you choose.


Decluttering is a free way to refresh your home. It’s easy to overlook clutter when you’re used to seeing it. Go through each room, and get rid of the things you don’t need.

Rearrange Furniture

Another free option is to rearrange your furniture and decor. New arrangements can improve traffic flow and make the room look new. Try moving furniture or decor to different rooms, or use them in new ways. Reupholstering or repainting furniture can make a larger impact.

Incorporate Scent

Have you ever noticed how your favorite store has a signature scent? The sense of smell is powerful and creates an emotional response. Refresh your home with a signature scent that makes you feel cozy and happy. Essential oil, candles, and air fresheners are easy ways to get the scent.

Add Plants

Plants often have a feel-good effect on people. They add color and natural touch to your home. Choose plants with light requirements that match the available sunlight wherever you plan to place them. If you have kids or pets, make sure the plants aren’t toxic before making your selection. Improving your landscaping gives you a pretty view from your window as well. San Diego’s climate offers lots of plant options that grow year-round.

Picking Upgrades

If you’re planning to move soon, choose upgrades that add value to your home. Replacing your garage door gives you a 93.8% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine, while an upscale master suite only has a 47.7% ROI.

Many home buyers want a move-in-ready home, and 44% of buyers want to avoid homes that have problems with plumbing and electricity. Buyers often focus on kitchens and bathrooms, so sprucing up those areas can help. Take before and after photos, and hold onto your receipts for your renovations.

Refresh Your Home

Simple updates can make a big impact on your home’s aesthetic. If you’re not sure what to do with your San Diego-area home, explore the interior design services from Anna Rode Designs.

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